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On the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California sits the UNIQUE resort area of Los Cabos. One of the few locations in the world where the desert meets the ocean and nature expresses her ELEGANT beauty and might at the same time.  Scattered across this MAGNIFICENT Cabo landscape are a collection of communities that are truly rare.  Combinations of luxury, nature and STYLISH amenities that appeal to the most discerning home buyers – like you.

San Jose Del Cabo

The Corridor

Cabo San Lucas

Pacific Coast


How reliable is the Internet?


Telmex has been agressively installing fibre optics across Los Cabos including all the major expat areas and heavy population areas in the Mexican quarter. With speeds as high as 200 megabyte the internet should be more than enough to handle any of your internet requirements. Expect costs to be half of what you pay north of the border.

Can I bring my car from home?


You are allowed to bring your vehicle from Canada or the USA and leave it licensed in your country indefinitely. You will need to secure Mexican insurance for your vehicle but the cost is very low compared to comaparable coverage north of the border.

Should I sell all of my household items or bring them with me?


The majority of homes in Los Cabos are rented or sold furnished. This means that the basics are going to be there for you. You may need to invest in some kitchen items, decor and electronics to complete your home. Whether or not you bring those with you is up to you. You will certainly want to bring any personal items that are of sentimental value.

Can I get a computer in Cabo?


Los Cabos has access to all the electronics you are going to need at every level required. That being said be aware that laptops or keyboards will include the “ñ” key. Any computers purchased in Mexico will come standard with the operating system in Spanish. So it is recommended you bring your “gear” with you.

Can I get my prescriptions filled in Cabo?


Mexican pharmacies are generally very well equipped and offer most products at a highly reduced rate. You will want to avoid the tourist pharmacies and head into the Mexican areas to get your perscriptions filled. You will get much better rates that way. If you have very specific pharmaseutical needs then we would suggest making an inquiry before you come.

Can I buy a car in Mexico?


Yes you can but you are going to need a Mexican driver’s license to operate it. You will also need proof of residency. If you are going to operate in Mexico under a toursit visa and will be filing your taxes in the USA or Canada then you will have to bring your own vehicle.

Meet The Team

Shannon Ploeger

Shannon Ploeger

Real Estate Advisor
Lindsey Mathis

Lindsey Mathis

Real Estate Advisor

Shannon Ploeger

Real Estate Advisor

Somewhere between Texas and Mexico. That's where Shannon grew up, because while he is a born and raised Texan, Mexico has been a part of his life from an early age. Starting with childhood on the Southeast Texas coast, Shannon has always loved the beach life. From swimming, to fishing, to searching for shark's teeth, he was never too far from the water. This passion was further nurtured by regular visits to Mexico where he would spend the majority of his summers away from school. During these visits to Mexico, Shannon fell in love with the country and learned Spanish.After ten years as a licensed real estate agent in Texas, in May of 2021 Shannon finally made the move to Cabo San Lucas to live the Cabo Life full time. A lifestyle that he is happy to share with you. Whether you are looking for a second home or an investment property, Cabo has a lot to offer.



Lindsey Mathis

Real Estate Advisor

Lindsey was born and raised in the Carolinas and received her Bachelor's degree in Hospitality & Tourism from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. She spent most of her professional career in the Hospitality Industry doing everything from service industry & hotel sales to event planning. Real Estate was always on Lindsey's radar and when she moved to Los Cabos the opportunity finally presented itself. Lindsey has a passion for helping others and making your move to Los Cabos as easy & efficient as possible!


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