Cabo Chic is a boutique real estate website that focuses on the trendy, unique and truly different properties in Los Cabos, Mexico.  Our goal is to not only astound and amaze with the properties of Los Cabos, but with the area and all that it has to offer as well.

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Your Happy Place

Los Cabos is much more than just beach and sand.  It is a collection of communities, areas and homes that generate a variety of emotions.  Our objective at Cabo Chic is to discover your happy place….it’s that simple.


It’s the Journey

Buying a home is like buying a piece of art.  You have to fall in love with it.  Every time you walk in the door it needs to feel….right.  That is the journey we are on together.  It’s just not about numbers and stats….it’s about how it feels.


Sleep Soundly

Investing in a foreign land brings with it a multitude of questions.  It is those questions that keep you up at night and take the joy away from the journey.  Rest easy…this is what we do and we do it very well.


You can't ask for more!

I’ve bought and sold about 6 or 7 homes over the years, and where Rick really stood out was his very complete gathering of ANY information I requested about the properties, the neighborhoods, the “comp” sales, and even answers to questions about our moving to Los Cabos as expats — well beyond “real estate” information.

Wayne Willis

We highly recommend Rick

Even though we kept changing our preferences, Rick stayed on top of things and adapted to our feedback.  In particular, we switched from looking for  a resale, turn-key property to buying a lot and working with a builder so we could have exactly what we wanted.  Rick was knowledgeable on all aspects of how to buy a foreign property remotely and helped us seal the deal.

Terry Lynn Duesburry

Brand New Beach Hotel

Amazing 7 room airbnb/hotel with private owner’s quarters.  This property offers direct access to one of the best beaches in the Baja with both swimming and surf available.  Also includes space for 2 restaurants and the ability to add more rooms.  Imagine retiring on the beach, feet in the sand with a little extra income coming in.  The perfect retirement

Club Campestre Chic

Charming single level, two-bedroom, two-bath home with heated pool and beach club membership. Indoor living area expands seamlessly to the covered poolside patio through double sliding doors. Modern kitchen, dark wood cabinetry throughout featuring built-ins in both bedrooms.  This little home offers the very best of the Cabo Lifestyle while remaining chic and trendy.

Awe Inspiring

A monumental home sitting on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Arriba de la Roca is a home like no other.  Four separate casistas are spread around the mountain top with a central living area that has views in every direction.  This is the type of property that makes you pull over on the side of the road and admire from a distance.  If you want to make a statement – this is the house.

Cabo Chic Ambassadors

Cabo Chic has a network of ambassadors across North America ready to help you find your happy place.

Kevin Pauls
Kevin Pauls
Southwestern Ontario

Kevin is an enthusiastic and joyful ambassador for Cabo Chic.   He brings a wealth of knowledge in property investment to the table as well as a passion for people that is unmistakable.  Please feel free to contact Kevin if you have any questions about Cabo Chic and what we offer.


Glenn Chivers
Glenn Chivers
Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Glenn is a professional real estate agent who loves Cabo.  He brings a wealth of knowledge about real estate in both Canada and Mexico to the table.  You will not find anyone more interested in you well being.  If you have any questions concerning investing in Cabo – do not hesitate to call him.


Warren Kindellan
Warren Kindellan
Fraser Valley, British Columbia

Warren has established himself as a man of discipline, joy and enthusiasm.  He will inspire you with his passion and love of life while also keeping the bottom line in mind.  He has taken many trips to the Baja and his knowledge of the area will give you comfort that he has your best interests at heart.


Ed Kalthoff
Ed Kalthoff
Kelowna, British Columbia

Ed is truly an ambassador for Los Cabos.  He and his wife Marnie have just relocated back to Canada after an extended stay in the Baja.  They have owned property here, sold property here and have an extensive knowledge of the area.  Ed is also one of the nicest men you will ever meet.


Jeffrey Young
Jeffrey Young
Southwest, Ontario

Jeff offers a wealth of knowledge in the real estate market.  His passion is to see people find their dream and make it their home.  Please feel free to contact Jeffrey if you have any questions regarding Cabo or how you may want to finance that purchase – that is his expertise.


Mako Britz
Mako Britz
Fraser Valley, British Columbia

Mako’s optimistic attitude, caring approach and professional expertise are why clients keep coming back and recommending him to their family and friends. With his solid experience in real estate sales, He has upheld the time honoured practice of putting the customer first!


Become an Ambassador

As an ambassador for Cabo Chic you get to enjoy the benefits of being part of the real estate scene in Las Cabos without being here.  Not only do you get to represent a great brand but you also will benefit financially and in reputation.  In order to be a Cabo Chic ambassador you need to fulfill 4 simple prerequistes:

1) You must have an advanced level of understanding in Real Estate.  You don’t need to be a pro but you need to be able to talk the talk.

2) You must know and love Los Cabos.  You have visited in the past, spent time here and love the lifestyle this great area offers.

3) You must be a person of high integrity.  You will be representing Cabo Chic.  We need to know you reflect who we are.

4) You must be an influencer.  A person who people respect and whose advice carries weight.

If this sounds like you then I want to hear from you.  It doesn’t matter where you live, what you do or what demographic you represent.  Let’s partner together and introduce a whole lot of people to this amazing area of the world.

Cabo Chic Blog

Arriba de la Roca

This blog introduces you to an astounding home built on the cliffs overlooking Cerritos Beach.  A truly remarkable off grid home that will leave you breathless.

Villa Costa Brava

This rental machine is a prime example of old school Cabo while having the potential to be so much more.

Sunset Cruise and Snorkel Tour

Spent the afternoon and evening on a Sunset & Snorkel Cruise.  What a fantastic way to see the bottom of the Baja.  Great fun, good food and a beautiful night - Thank you Sunrider tours

Blue Seas #2

An amazing celebrity owned beachfront villa with an incredible outdoor entertainment area.  Just over 5800 sq/ft, 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms and a view to die for.

La Residencia A2

A lovely 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath beachfront condo with the most spectacular views in San Jose Del Cabo.

Copala Home – Simple Luxury

Today we look at a home in Copala, a part of the Quivira community.  This is a lovely home with a lot of room for a family and enough luxuries to make you feel special.

Copala Penthouse at Quivira

This great little condo is in Copala and offers amazing amenities and is $150,000 less than what the developer is offering for the same unit in the next building.  

Palmilla Villa – stunning!

Villa Del Mar is a wonderful little community in the larger community of Palmilla.  This particular home is in wonderful condition and includes some gorgeous furniture and membership to the Club 96 beach club.

Las Ventanas Views

The views from Las Ventanas are breathtaking but the clubhouse will blow you away  

Hotel Posada La Poza

There are very few pristine hotel locations for sale in Cabo.  This one is remarkable.  It is only 7 rooms but has the space to expand to 3 times that.  What an amazing place.

Villa Blue Seas #2

This amazing home has just come on the market and I had the opportunity to shoot a little drone video for the realtor.  I can't tell you who owns the home but he much more famous than me 🙂

How to Make Tequila

I had the honor of spending a few minutes with Mari González from the Tequila Lighthouse in Cabo San Lucas.  She gave us a great demonstration on how the make tequila.

Penthouse North La Residencia

This spectacular penthouse is one of the truly great water front properties under 2 million dollars.  

Do I Own What I Buy In Mexico

The number one question I receive is whether when you purchase property in Mexico do you actually own it.  The short answer is yes.  Listen to the video to learn how.

Casa Land’s End

This incredible home sits on a cliff overlooking the pacific ocean. It is a highend rental for movie stars and professional athletes. It is currently listed at around $6,000,000.

Christmas Day In Casa Milagro

I had the opportunity to spend Christmas day in a 8.5 million dollar home in Puerto Los Cabos. This house is amazing.

Finance Your Investment In Mexico

Cabo Chic has arranged funding opportunities through a number of international lenders.  Contact us to discover your options.

Get In Touch

First contact is about discovery.  Let's discover each other and become friends.  Then we can talk investment.

Rick Parks

Hi.  I am the guy behind Cabo Chic.  A little while ago I moved to Los Cabos to start an adventure in life.  What I found was a place brewing with opportunity, amazing people, great food, stellar weather and some of the most creative and unique homes I have ever seen.  From multi million dollar villas to quaint little shacks buried in the hills this area never ceases to amaze me.

If I can help you discover Los Cabos and fall in love like I have - then I have done my job.

I am an ambassador for this great community. If you would like to join me as an ambassador outside of Los Cabos I would like to hear from you.  Click on the "Become and Ambassador" button above to learn what I expect from those that join my team.  If you fit the profile - send me a note and let's talk. 


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